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STEM Education Outreach Groups at Illinois

For more detailed information about all of the outreach groups, please visit here. Information on each group can be found by clicking the organization name.

Organization Name Website Contact Info I-STEM Articles
4-H Illini Summer Academies Website alvarezd@illinois.edu  
ACES Family Academies Website acesalumni@illinois.edu Articles Articles
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Website ibashor2@illinois.edu  
Association of Women in Math (AWM) Website cmonica2@illinois.edu Articles
Bahl Research Group Website bahl@illinois.edu Articles Articles
BioImaging Website marinam@illinois.edu Articles
Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) Website nnawar2@illinois.edu Articles
Blue Waters Graduate Fellowship Program Website bwgf@ncsa.illinois.edu  
Blue Waters Student Internship Program Website   Articles
Bonding With Chemistry Website uiuc.wcc@gmail.com  
Brady STEM Academy https://chbe.illinois.edu/outreach/brady-academy/ jgamez@illinois.edu Articles
Bruce Fouke Research Group https://www.geology.illinois.edu/people/fouke/ fouke@illinois.edu Articles
Bugscope http://bugscope.beckman.uiuc.edu/ bugscope@beckman.illinois.edu Articles
Center for Global Studies http://cgs.illinois.edu/ global-studies@illinois.edu Articles
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology http://nano.illinois.edu/education/index.html nanotechnology@illinois.edu Articles
ChicTech http://wcs.illinois.edu/chictech/ contact@illinoiswcs.org Article
Chung Lab https://mcb.illinois.edu/chunghj/neuroscience-outreach/ chunghj@illinois.edu  
Club Insecta https://www.facebook.com/clubinsecta/ edabek2@illinois.edu  
Community of Scholars (COS) https://grad.illinois.edu/diversity/cos" I-COS@illinois.edu Articles
CS@Illinois Sail https://sail.cs.illinois.edu/ cs-sail@lists.cs.illinois.edu Articles
EGSA Entomology Graduate Student Association https://publish.illinois.edu/uiuc-egsa/ carlc2@illinois.edu and emhsieh2@illinois.edu j
Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular Systems (EBICS) http://ebics.engr.illinois.edu/spheres/
Engineering for Social Justice Scholars Program https://blogs.illinois.edu/view/7466/554098 srosado2@illinois.edu Articles
Engineering Open House Website eoh@ec.illinois.edu Articles
Engineering Outreach Society Website cjfanni2@illinois.edu  
Engineering Without Borders Website   Articles
Engineers Volunteering in STEM EducatION (ENVISION) Website aaarmst2@illinois.edu Articles
Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) Website help@xsede.org help@xsede.org
Fall Early Application and Visit Program (ASPIRE) Website I-ASPIRE@illinois.edu I-ASPIRE@illinois.edu Articles
Genome Day Website   Articles
Girls Engaged in Math and Science (GEMS) Website eheath3@illinois.edu Articles
Girls’ Adventures in Mathematics, Engineering, & Science (GAMES) Website srosado2@illinois.edu Articles
Graduates in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (GEEB) Website geeb@life.illinois.edu  
ICANEXSEL Website info@chiprep.org Articles
Illini Aerospace Outreach (IAO) Website aero-outreach@illinois.edu Articles Articles
Illinois Aerospace Institute (IAI) Website il-aero-inst@illinois.edu  
Illinois Biophysics Society Website smittal6@illinois.edu  
Illinois Engineering Ambassadors Website ambassadors@engr.illinois.edu  
Illinois FIRST Website contact@firstillinoisrobotics.org Articles
Illinois Geometry Lab Website igl@math.uiuc.edu Articles
Illinois Partnership for Respecting the Identities of Students in Engineering (iRISE) Website denos@illinois.edu Articles
Illinois Robotics in Space (IRIS) Website iris.uiuc@gmail.com  
Illinois Space Society Website adkoehl2@illinois.edu  
Incubating a New Community of Leaders Using Software, Inclusion, Innovation, Interdisciplinary and OpeN-Science (INCLUSION) Website dskatz@illinois.edu d Articles
iRobotics Website irobotics.illinois@gmail.com irobotics.illinois@gmail.com
MakerGirl Website INFO@MAKERGIRL.US Articles Articles
Material Advantage Website cmander4@illinois.edu  
Math Carnival: Gathering for Gardner Website lanius2@illinois.edu Articles
MCBees Website mcb.gsa@gmail.com Articles
MechSE Education Outreach Website jmuskin@illinois.edu Articles
MERGE Website engr-merge@illinois.edu Articles
NutrImpact Website nutrimpact@gmail.com  
Paper2Tree Website mgazzola@illinois.edu Articles
Physics Van Website physvan@physics.illinois.edu Articles
Physics Young Scholars Program Website npl-web@physics.illinois.edu Articles
Pi Tau Sigma Website ptsillinoisalpha@gmail.com Articles
POETS Research Experience for Teachers (RET) Website jmuskin@illinois.edu Articles
POETS Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Website jmuskin@illinois.edu Articles
POETS Young Scholars Program Website jmuskin@illinois.edu Articles
Pollen Power Website pollenpower@igb.illinois.edu Articles
Pollinatarium Website uibees@life.uiuc.edu Articles
RailTEC Website cbarkan@illinois.edu Articles
REACT Website thereactprogram@gmail.com Articles
RE-TE-G Website lpchamo@illinois.edu Articles
Rheology Zoo Website ewoldt@illinois.edu Articles
SACNAS Website uiuc.sacnas@gmail.com Articles
Summer Illinois Math Camp (SIM) Website math-simcamp@illinois.edu  
Sistas in STEM Website sis.uiuc@gmail.com Articles
Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Website outreach.swe.uiuc@gmail.com  
Sonia Math Day Website eheath3@illinois.edu  
Students Pushing Innovation (SPIN) Website SPIN@ncsa.illinois.edu Articles
Summer Pre-Doctoral Institute (SPI) Website grad@illinois.edu  
Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) Website grad@illinois.edu Articles
The Centrality of Advanced Digitally ENabled Science (CADENS) Website cadens@ncsa.illinois.edu Articles
Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program (URAP) https://grad.illinois.edu/URAP grad@illinois.edu  
Vet Med Open House http://vetmed.illinois.edu/about/open-house-demos-and-exhibits/ Articles Articles
Vet Med Student Outreach Program Website vsop@vetmed.illinois.edu  
Women Chemists Committee (WCC) https://chemistry.illinois.edu/resources/women-chemistry/women-chemists-committee" uiuc.wcc@gmail.com  
Women in Computer Science (WCS) http://wcs.illinois.edu/ contact@illinoiswcs.org  
Women in Engineering (WIE) http://wie.engineering.illinois.edu/ wie@illinois.edu Articles
World-wide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) http://wie.engineering.illinois.edu/k-12-programs-resources/gameswyse-camp/ wyse@illinois.edu Articles