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I-STEM Annual Reports
I-STEM Campus Affiliates Directory

Urbana-Champaign campus personnel interested in STEM education. This directory is intended to foster collaboration in grant-writing, outreach projects, evaluation, and other areas

I-STEM Magazine

I-STEM's publications feature selected stories that were featured on the I-STEM website for each year. The stories contained in the magazine highlight how cutting-edge research innovations on our campus successfully transferred to STEM Education initiatives to increase and diversify students’ interests in STEM projects.

I-STEM-NEWS Listserv

I-STEM's listserv provides subscribers with information about current STEM education news articles and upcoming STEM education opportunities, such as deadline dates and funding information from funders, seminars, and other STEM-education-related events, such as professional development opportunities.

To subscribe to I-STEM-NEWS, log in to the lists website and search lists for i-stem-news and click Subscribe, or send an email to: lists@lists.illinois.edu. In the subject line of your message, type in the information in the following parentheses (subscribe i-stem-news your- first-name your-last-name). Leave the message body blank.

Resources by I-STEM Goal
  1. P-16 STEM Education Outreach Resources
  2. STEM Teacher Development and Resources
  3. Undergraduate and Graduate STEM Education Resources and Opportunities
  4. Policy and Advocacy for STEM Education Resources