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I-STEM Campus Affiliates Directory

Urbana-Champaign campus personnel interested in STEM education. This directory is intended to foster collaboration in grant-writing, outreach projects, evaluation, and other areas.

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plasma fractal

This plasma fractal was created by Orion Lawlor as a doctoral student in Computer Science at Illinois.


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Nancy Johnson

College of Education

I-STEM Goal Affiliation:
1. P-16 STEM Education Outreach
2. STEM Teacher Training & Professional Development

Project: Illinois New Teacher Collaborative (INTC)
INTC is dedicated to enriching STEM content knowledge and teaching strategies among Illinois early-service teachers. INTC's initial STEM activity is the July 30-31 conference for STEM Beginning Teachers.


Paul Kwiat
Paul Kwiat

Bardeen Professor of Physics

I-STEM Goal Affiliation:
1. P-16 STEM Education Outreach
3. Undergraduate & Graduate STEM Education Reform

I'm always interested in encouraging more people—young and old—to study science and technology, and my lab regularly employs many undergraduate students. Also, I’m the Director of LabEscape, an outreach project of the Physics department and the world’s first science-based escape room, as described here.