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Elisa Mustari

Elisa MustariResearch Scientist

Elisa Mustari has extensive experience in all phases of the research process, such as formulating research questions, designing studies or evaluations of programs, sampling, developing measurement instruments, selecting and conducting techniques of data analysis, and presenting results both orally and in writing. Her involvement in I-STEM projects may entail any of these types of tasks.

Dr. Mustari is currently working on I-STEM’s evaluation of the Institute for Chemistry Literacy through Computational Science (ICLCS) program, the goal of which is to increase the chemistry literacy and chemistry-related pedagogical skills of rural Illinois high school teachers. This is a 5-year National Sciences Foundation funded program of the University of Illinois’ Department of Chemistry, College of Medicine, and National Center for Supercomputing Applications. Dr. Mustari will also be involved in an anticipated NOYCE funded project to help exemplary teachers in the ICLCS program earn national certification.

For I-STEM’s recent Engineering Climate Study, Dr. Mustari’s primary contributions were selecting and conducting the techniques of quantitative data analyses used and the ways of presenting quantitative findings, as well as writing portions of the final report.

Among Dr. Mustari’s current non-I-STEM projects is a 4-year Special Education project evaluating the efficacy of a class-wide program to promote social acceptance and friendships among kindergarteners with and without disabilities. Dr. Mustari participated in writing the IEP grant for this two-state project and serves as statistician, presents results of quantitative analyses, and oversees data management and data entry.

Immediately before joining I-STEM, Dr. Mustari worked for the Bureau of Educational Research. Two of the projects on which she was responsible for all tasks directly or indirectly related to quantitative data analysis (e.g., including writing and presenting results of more complex analyses) were: (1) statewide surveys evaluating schools’ implementation of the Illinois Learning Standards (ILS) and (2) a validation study of four early literacy assessments. Another aspect of her job was to serve as consultant to College of Education faculty regarding methodological/statistical analysis issues and, when requested, write the methodology section of grant proposals.

Prior to that, her work was in program evaluation and research in behavioral health (mostly alcohol and substance abuse) and healthcare (clinical and healthcare delivery issues).

Dr. Mustari received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her major area was Organizational Behavior, and her minor area was Quantitative Research Methods.

Email: emustari@illinois.edu